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Grief and the Pandemic

Public Lecture: Narratives of Death, Grief, and Loss During Covid-19- Dr Erica Borgstrom

Public Lecture: Affective Injustice- Associate Professor Shiloh Whitney

Public Lecture: Grief and Hope- Rev Dr Catherine Reid

Public Lecture: Traumatic Grief- Dr Linda Finlay

Public Lecture: Embodiment, enactment and the cultural poetics of grief- Professor Laurence J. Kirmayer

Public Lecture: ​Psychiatry as a Vocation- Professor Matthew Broome

Public Lecture: ​Grief: wrestling with time and embracing the strange enduring agency of the deceased- Associate Professor Kym Maclaren

Public Lecture: Animated persona and the existence of dead persons- Professor Masahiro Morioka

Public Lecture: Communing with the dead online - Dr Joel Krueger

Public Lecture: Interpretation and the shaping of experience: Theology of suffering and C.S. Lewis' A Grief Observed - Dr Tasia Scrutton

Public Lecture: Supporting bereaved older people: Evaluation of the Bereavement Supporter project - Dr Karen West & Eve Wilson

Public Lecture: Introduction to Prolonged Grief Disorder Therapy - Dr. M. Katherine Shear

Public Lecture: How eco-grief will help us save ourselves - Prof. Rupert Read

Public Lecture: Grieving during the COVID-19 pandemic - Dr Lucy Selman 

Public Lecture: Continuing Bonds: History and Implications - Prof. Dennis Klass

Public Lecture: Grief, Personhood, and Belongings​ - Prof. Douglas Davies

Public Lecture: Continuing Bonds in Bereavement - Dr Edith Steffen

Public Lecture: The disenfranchised grief of involuntary childlessness - Jody Day

Public Lecture: Funerals from an expert perspective - Dr Julie Rugg

Podcast: Grief and the Pandemic - Dr Louise Richardson